More Insurers Using Photo Estimates In 2020 And Why That May Be Bad For You

If you’ve just been in an accident, you may have been asked by your insurance company to submit a photo estimate. In order to do so, you may have had to download an app built by your insurance company, or you may have submitted photos...

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Why You Should Care What Ford Says About The Tools Used On Aluminum Vehicles

Does it matter to you what tools your body shop uses to fix your Ford vehicle? If it's an aluminum one (and most Fords now at least have some aluminum) Then Ford Says yes it matters. It can make a difference with your vehicle's safety long...

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Why A Photo Estimate Is More Likely To Total Out Your Car

Unless you hate your car and are looking for an excuse to buy a new one, most people fear that their vehicle will be declared a total loss after an accident. That’s the number one question we get asked. The 70% Rule And the fact is cars get...

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