Why Toyota Cares So Much About the Quality of Your Auto Body Repair, And So Should You

Toyota and the quest for brand loyalty after a repair Certain brands have very loyal followings, Volkswagen, Subaru, and Toyota come to mind. Toyota and Subaru are sold as long-lasting, trouble-free vehicles, and the people who buy them tend to keep...

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Why Ford Says You Cannot Use Aftermarket Windshields, And Why

You Should Care If you own a Ford and your repair involves installing a new windshield, you only have one approved option- use an OEM Ford windshield, and here is why. Ford and just about every other manufacturer put out “OEM Position...

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GM Is Specific ADAS Calibrations On Their Vehicles, Here’s How That Affects You

As the owner of a GM car about to get collision repair, you need to know that GM is very specific about their repair procedures. It is vital because not every auto body shop in this area follows the OEM procedures. Believe it or not, the body shop...

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